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Industry Verticals

We have built our model to work in every industry. We have built an impeccable knowledge base of over 10+ different industries. Our teams are equipped to build and manage HR functions effectively for business results be it a human-intensive services business or the quality-focused product business. Our clients trusted us to partner in their HR initiatives for business Efficiency from various industries.

A quick snapshot of the companies that we handled from various Industries:

  •     Pharmaceutical
  •     Logistics
  •     Ecommerce
  •     Media & Advertising
  •     Manufacturing
  •     Engineering
  •     IT
  •     ITES
  •     Health Care
  •     Hospitality
  •     Services
  •     Automobile
  •     Construction & Infrastructure
  •     Power & Energy
  •     Telecom
  •     Retailing

We bring the best of the bread practices from each of the industries to help our clients to excel in their business.